ASDF Version Manager Plugins

Installing and managing the latest version of a command line tool can be a pain and very time consuming.

As developers we typically want to use the latest and greatest version of a tool before it becomes more widely available via official deployment channels, such as deb or snap on Linux and homebrew on Mac.

Luckily, there is a simple version manager, asdf, which makes life very easy with it’s plugin capabilities.

There are many plugins provided by the community, including for:

And, creating plugins is easy. You need 3 shell scripts, namely:

See the official documentation for more details.

I spend a fair amount of time doing technical research, so often times there isn’t a distribution of the command line tool I’m testing out, so I usually resort to spending 10 to 15 minutes whipping up an asdf plugin for the given tool.

This involves creating a new repository on GitHub, from the asdf-plugin-template and then editing the lib/utils.bash file, providing the plugin name and GitHub repo URL of the tool in question.

Here are some of the plugins I’ve created: