Welcome to my personal project showcase and blog on adventures in programming.

I am a system/solutions builder and polyglot programmer, specialising in data driven analytics type software in the financial services and investment management industry for the last 18+ years.

I am currently based in Surrey in the UK.

After spending a number of years developing FMCG and retail systems, I moved into development of front, middle and back-office type systems for the financial services industry. The most well-known products being an investment management back and front-office system, Microgen AIMS, a regulatory and investment compliance system, StatPro Portfolio Control, the SalientQuants Portfolio Toolkit for hedge fund managers, and a cloud based investment performance measurement system, StatPro Revolution Performance, which has received a number of industry awards for technical innovation.

I have extensive knowledge and experience of a variety of platforms and software development stacks, including current cloud technologies, and I still actively cut code in a number of languages including C#, Ruby, Go and R.

I am a Open Source contributor; of which the most widely used project is the Heroku Buildpack for R, which I actively maintain for a growing R data science community.

I am currently Head of Engineering at Confluence (formerly StatPro) and responsible for the high-level technical architecture of the Performance and Analytics solution, working with development teams in London, Milan, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Cape Town.

Other interests include playing guitar, electronic music production and my motorcycle.

Have questions or want to get in touch? Feel free to drop me an email.

You can also connect with me professionally via LinkedIn or checkout my professional GitHub account.

Thanks for reading!

Chris Stefano